Green Food, Great for Saint Patrick's Day!

March 16, 2017

It's one of the most popular and well known cultural celebrations in the world. St Patrick's Day on March 17th marks the anniversary of the death but also a celebration of the life of  Ireland’s patron saint.

There are many things we associate with St Patrick's Day like shamrocks, leprechauns, and Irish food.  The colour green is also associated with the day, in part due to Ireland's reputation as 'The Emerald Isle'.

That's why we look to green food and drinks to help us celebrate, and we've got three green food picks you can enjoy throughout the day.

Sip a green kale smoothie

green DrinkWhy not start the day with a drink that's both appropriately coloured for St Patrick’s Day, and also healthy? Use a couple of handfuls of freshly washed kale, add dairy or nut milk, a peeled and cored apple or pear, and some flax seed. If you want a bit more flavour add some pineapple, and if you've got a high powered blender, a nub of fresh, peeled ginger root adds kick. Blend and enjoy!

Serve spinach & phyllo tart

You could make green pancakes or green eggs for dinner to mark St Patrick's Day, but those wouldn't look nearly as appetizing as a spinach, feta and phyllo tart.

The paper-thin phyllo dough makes a delightfully crispy crust when layered with melted butter, and the creamy spinach and cheese filling is light but tasty. Using chopped frozen spinach in the dish makes it quicker to prep and easier to bite into.

Prep pistachio pudding

green PuddingYou may have seen instant pistachio pudding on the shelves of your local store. But a homemade pistachio pudding is even tastier and richer. Food blog Joy the Baker has a great recipe that will make a luscious homemade pudding that starts with a thick pistachio paste. While the colour won't be quite as vibrantly green as the boxed pudding you might remember, you can always punch it up with a few drops of green food colouring.

If your heart is with that childhood Jello pudding favourite, Kraft Canada has a fun recipe for a layered dessert with Jello’s pistachio pudding as the filling. 

St Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday this year, so not everyone may have time to cook from scratch.  Fortunately there are other easier ways to bring a little green into your day:

  • make St Patrick's Day Rice Krispie treats by adding green food colouring to the marshmallow melt

  • add a few drops of green to a vanilla cake mix

  • drop green food colouring and mint extract into buttercream icing to make themed cupcakes

  • make green Jello and layer it with whip cream for a fun and easy green dessert

  • create a quick green 'grasshopper pie' by buying a pre-made Oreo cookie crust and some mint chocolate chip ice cream. Soften the ice cream enough to spread it into the pie shell, then re-freeze

Whether you've got time to create your own dish or you need a speedier option, there are lots of ways you can celebrate in colour this St Patrick's Day. Tell us your favourite on Facebook or Twitter!


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