Eat This Week: Spring is Brunch Season

April 9, 2017

Spring is brunch season - and the Easter long weekend brings plenty of opportunities to hang out with family and friends around a leisurely breakfast that also counts as lunch. (It’s everyone’s favourite meal, after all.) We usually gather at my mom’s house for a huge brunch and Easter egg hunt, and I generally contribute cinnamon buns, but we’ve found we need more interesting savoury items on the table - it occurred to me recently that a loaded bacon and cheese peroghy is perfect for a celebratory brunch. Peroghy jvr apr14 main

They’re all the rage on restaurant menus, after all - perfect for frying up in a big skillet, then serving alongside bacon and eggs in place of hash browns or toast. Peroghies are cheap, whether homemade or store bought (pick up a bag of locally made frozen ones), and they look amazing brought to the table on a big serving platter, topped with fried eggs. How to shake up your usual brunch!

Waffles are always requested - it’s fun to crank them out of the waffle maker when there are a dozen or so people in the house - but for the grown ups who tend to hit maximum sugar overload, we like topping them with some ham, a poached egg and a quick hollandaise sauce, which dribbles down into the indentations of the waffle - so much better than an English muffin! We can generally each eat only one of them, anyway. Sometimes I’ll add a handful of cornmeal or some crumbled bacon to the batter to add a more savoury kick, but even the straight-up plain waffles we serve with berries and syrup work well here, and leaves open the option for those who want to keep them sweet.

eggs benny jvr apr14 main 

We also often wind up having leftover slabs of ham for brunch, and cheese biscuits are the quintessential pairing, particularly when there are a bunch of kids running around in the back yard who want something in hand, rather than sitting down at the table. Cheese biscuits are also a good thing to know how to make during chili season, and soup season, and lunchbox season - they’re indispensable when you have cheese ends in the fridge, or cream that’s nearing its expiry date. They are also incredibly fast – just mix, pat, cut and bake. Fold the dough over on itself a few times before you pat it, if you like. And if you want straight-up plain biscuits, just leave out the cheese, and add a spoonful or two of sugar if you like them sweet.

biscuits jvr apr14 

And because some days (especially during the week) you only have the gumption to make a batch of muffins, that totally counts too - a pan of warm berry muffins, especially made with the recipe from the old Heartland Cafe in Sunnyside, makes for a perfect weekend or weekday breakfast, rushed or slow, with coffee or a hot chocolate.

 muffins jvr apr14

Have a great week, everyone!



Shopping list:

bacon (lots)
shredded cheddar
aged cheddar
sour cream
frozen berries



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