Eat this Week: Linger in the Kitchen

May 17, 2017

We’re going to linger a little longer in the kitchen this long weekend. I love puttering around the house over long weekends, cleaning out and planting the garden, airing out the house and decluttering the garage and basement. Of course I always have something cooking - it’s nice to have extra time to spend in the kitchen, and to sit around and eat something tasty, unrestricted by schedules. (Of course, we’ll also have some busy schedules on weekdays, but let’s focus on the long weekend, shall we?)

We love dumplings and potstickers around here, so will likely make a batch - this is a good thing to do when you have extra small hands around, as they are particularly adept and filling, folding and pinching. We’ll make enough for a batch of potstickers to eat right away, and freeze some dumplings to drop into soup or stock later in the week, when we need a quick meal. I particularly love mixing up a batch of peanut sauce to dip my dumplings in.

JVR Long weekend dumpling

Since it’s the long weekend, we’ll make something brunchy - waffles, pancakes or French toast have been the norm, but with all this new produce popping up, this weekend we’ll go for something savoury. I love a good quiche, and especially one with a crust made of grated potatoes - essentially built-in hash browns! It’s simple to make, there’s no fussing with pastry, and if I’m going to have pastry for breakfast, I’d rather eat one separately. Or for dinner! I dug up this old recipe my friend calls Nenshi Pie - it’s the filling for our mayor’s mother’s samosas, baked in a puff pastry crust. This is much easier, my friend says, than filling and shaping samosas (she’s right, unless you are particularly skilled at shaping and frying samosas), but delivers the same flavour. It’s delicious plain, but I love it served with chutney. We also discovered it’s perfect to pack along on a picnic, and with green grass and everything blooming, it’s the perfect time. If you don’t want to buy frozen puff pastry, you can make a quick rough puff - pastry that’s almost as flaky as puff pastry, but far quicker and easier to make - and that’s magical too.

JVR Long weekend Nenshi 

And with the Stanley Cup playoffs going on, we’re going to need to eat something in front of the TV that isn’t chips or cheezies. I’ve recently rediscovered potato skins - you bake potatoes, then hollow out the shells, top with bacon, blue cheese, or shredded chicken doused in buffalo chicken sauce, cheddar and green onions, and bake them. They’re like stuffed potato in snack form - and totally delicious. I bake the potatoes during the week and keep them in the fridge until I need them - and the cooked potato I scoop out of their middles make the most amazing home fries, quickly cooked in a hot skillet with some butter, oil, salt and pepper - and sometimes some chili powder - for breakfast the next morning.

JVR long weekend pot skin

Have a great week, everyone!


Shopping list:
lean ground beef
chicken breasts
cheddar cheese
Frank’s hot sauce
wonton wrappers
russet potatoes

Dumplings Potstickers
Nenshi Pie
Beef Guinness Pie with Rough Puff
Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins
Ham Cheese Veggie Quiche with Hash  Brown Crust


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